Artist :  James Horner
Title :   Once Upon a Forest
Format : Album
Year : 1993
Size : 61Mb
Quality : MP3
Bitrate : 128 kbps
James Horner - 1993 - Once Upon A Forest(

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۱٫Once Upon a Time with Me
Performed by Florence Warner Jones; written by Horner and Will Jennings
۲٫ “The Forest”
۳٫ “Cornelius’s Nature Lesson”
۴٫ “The Accident”
۵٫ “Bedside Vigil”
۶٫ “Please Wake Up”
Performed by Michael Crawford; written by Horner, Jennings, Michael Tavera, Kelly Ward and Mark Young
۷٫ “The Journey Begins”
۸٫ “He’s Back”
Performed by Ben Vereen and the Andrae Crouch Singers; written by A. Crouch, Sandra Crouch and Horner
۹٫ “Flying”
۱۰٫ “Escaping from the Yellow Dragons/The Meadow”
۱۱٫ “Flying Home to Michelle”
۱۲٫ “The Children/Maybe One Day…, Maybe One Day”
۱۳٫ “Once Upon a Time With Me/End Credits”